Robby Roberson was born in south Texas and started playing guitar in the mid-sixties after hearing the Beatles play “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”  For the past two years Robby has been joined by Ed Garnero (bass, vocal), Michael Mulryan (fiddle) and Jim Banister (percussion, vocal), which make up The Robby Roberson Quartet (\ RobbyRoberson Quartet).

The Quartet's songs are stories of fact, fiction, joy, and sorrow; all set against a backdrop of the various acoustic stringed and percussive instruments.  The group feels that the instruments are not only a means of accompaniment, but are equal performers.  Along side their various styles of instrumentation are Robby's lyrics and vocals that create an organic, americana music style that is rich in dynamic rhythms and grooves.

The Quartet is from the Tempe/Phoenix area and perform regularly at venues, benefits, and festivals around Arizona.